Sutirtha Dutta


Sutirtha Dutta, Ph.D.
Scientist - D
Mobile No.: +918937074550

Email: sutirtha [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in

I am an ecologist, interested in population ecology, behavior and their conservation applications in multiple-use landscapes. For my PhD (Wildlife Sciences) and post-doctoral studies, I have extensively studied bustards and associated fauna in Indian grasslands and deserts. My current work focuses on spatial prioritization, risk characterization, and conservation management with endangered bustards as the study model.

Specialization: population ecology, behavior, quantitative analysis, conservation biology

Key publications:

Chakrabarti, S., Jhala, Y. V., Dutta, S. Qureshi, Q., Kadivar, R.F. & Rana, V.J. 2016. Adding constraints to predation through allometric relations of scats to consumption. Journal of Animal Ecology 85, 1-11.

Dutta, S. & Jhala, Y. V. 2014. Planning agriculture based on landuse responses of threatened semiarid grassland species in India. Biological Conservation 175, 129-139.

Dutta et al. 2013. Guidelines for State Action Plan for Resident Bustards’ Recovery Programme. The Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, New Delhi.

Dutta, S., Rahmani, A., Jhala, Y., 2011. Running out of time? The great Indian bustard Ardeotis nigriceps—status, viability, and conservation strategies. European Journal of Wildlife Research 57, 615-625.

Apte, D., Dutta, S., 2010. Ecological determinants and stochastic fluctuations of Tridacna maxima survival rate in Lakshadweep Archipelago. Systematics & Biodiversity 8, 461-469.

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