Ruchi Badola, Ph.D.


Ruchi Badola, Ph.D.
Scientist - G
Phone: 0135-2646263
E-mail: ruchi [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in

I obtained my master’s in economics from Garhwal University and joined the Wildlife Institute of India in 1988 as a research scholar. I worked for my Ph.D. on “Economic Assessment of People Forest Interactions in the Elephant Forest Corridor Linking the Rajaji and Corbett National Parks”. Subsequently, in 1993, I joined the faculty of the Institute in the Department of Ecodevelopment Planning and Participatory Management.

I am involved in research projects for generating information on ethnobiology, the socioeconomics of natural ecosystems and the contribution of ecosystems’ services for biodiversity conservation and human well-being. I also develop and implement training programmes to build the skills of state forest departments and other stakeholders in the field of planning for community participation in biodiversity conservation, develop sustainable livelihoods options for local communities, resolve conflict over natural resources and perform valuation of ecosystem services


Community/stakeholder participation in biodiversity conservation; ecological economics; valuation of ecosystem services; sustainable livelihood; conflict management; gender issues in conservation.

Current Projects

Conservation ecology of sangai (Rucervus eldii eldii) and its wetland habitat in Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur.Integrated approach to reduce the vulnerability of local communities to environmental degradation and climate change impacts in the western Himalaya

Key Publications:

  Hussain S.A. & R. Badola (2008). Valuing mangrove ecosystem services: linking nutrient retention function of mangrove forests to enhanced agro ecosystem production. Wetland Ecology and Management 16(6): 441–450.
  Ogra M. & R. Badola (2008). Compensating human–wildlife conflict in protected area communities: ground-level perspectives from Uttarakhand, India. Human Ecology 36(5): 717–729.
  Chandola S., R. Badola & S.A. Hussain (2007). Factors affecting women’s participation in conservation programs in and around Rajaji National Park, India. Journal of the Indian Anthropological Society 1(42): 11–23.
Ambastha, K., S.A. Hussain & R. Badola (2007). Social and economic considerations in conserving wetlands of Indo-Gangetic plains: a case study of Kabartal wetland, India. Environmentalist 27(2): 261–273.
Badola R. & S.A. Hussain (2005). Valuing ecosystem functions: an empirical study on the storm protection function of Bhitarkanika mangrove ecosystem, India. Environmental Conservation 32(1): 85–92.
Badola R. & S.A. Hussain (2003). Conflict in paradise: women and protected areas in the Indian Himalayas. Mountain Research and Development 23(3): 238–239.