Parag Nigam, M.V.Sc.


Parag Nigam, M.V.Sc.
Scientist - E
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I started my research career in 1995 with my master’s degree research on livestock diseases and their impact on animal health. Later, I served in the Remount & Veterinary Corps of the Indian Army in the Field Veterinary Hospital and Central Military Veterinary Laboratory, Meerut until 2002. My interest lies in studying diseases in wild populations and managing wild animals in distress. I provide teaching and training inputs in the area of wildlife health management; immobilization and restraint of wild animals; and health management of wild animals in captivity. I have carried out a number of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation operations for various states of the country.


Wild animal capture and restraint; disease dynamics and management; health management of captive populations.

Current Projects

  Development of stud books of selected species in Indian zoos.
  Monitoring of re-introduced tigers in Sariska Tiger Reserve.
  Status and ecology of wild pigs in Ranthambore National Park.

Key Publications

  Nigam P. & P.K. Malik (2008). Managing health of wild animals in captivity: principles and practices. Pp. 151–160 in Indian Zoo Year Book, Volume V, edited by L.N. Acharjyo & A.K. PatnaikIndian Zoo Directors’ Association and Central Zoo Authority.
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  Nigam P. (2008). Immobilization and restraint tool in wildlife practice. In Emerging Trends in Nutrition of Wild and Zoo Animals, edited by S.K. Saha, A. Das, N. Dutta, L.C. Chaudhary, & K. Sharma. Centre of Advanced Studies in Animal Nutrition, Indian Veterinary Research Institute: Izatnagar. 176 pp.
Nigam P. (2007). Managing wild animals in distress: principles and concerns. In Rehabilitation in Free Living Wild Animals, edited by B.M. Arora. AIZ&WV, Bytes & Bytes Publishers: Bareilly, India.
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