Wildlife Institute of India provides ample opportunities for prospective candidates (both National and International) to advance their research and academic endeavors. Research Fellow and Technical Assistants are regularly engaged in various Research Projects carried out by WII across the country on diverse species and themes. Most of these projects offer opportunity for students to pursue higher academic degrees (M.Phil and Ph.D.) from any University of their choice.

However, WII is a recognized Research Center of Saurashtra University, Rajkot (Gujarat) and Forest Research Institute University (Dehrdaun), and caters to Research Fellows of WII who carry out their research under the guidance of Institute's faculty members. The Institute also encourages external and self-sponsored candidates to pursue Ph.D. in the affiliated Universities through the Research Center at WII. Post Doctoral Research opportunities also exist and interested candidates can enroll either as 'Research Affiliates' or through 'Young Scientist Program' sponsored by agencies such as Department of Science and Technology. Short term Internship Program is offered for university students seeking mid-course capacity building. International Candidates are regular feature in WII, supported by competitive fellowship programs (e.g. Fulbright Fellowship) or by Internship Program provided by the Institute.

The following are the rules and regulations for availing research/academic opportunities under various categories;


Status of Doctoral Research in WII (as on March 2014)

Status of external scholars affiliated with the Wildlife Institute of India (as on January 2013) in WII Opportunities (Size 72.2 KB)

Dr. Bitapi C. Sinha
Research Coordinator
Email: bcs [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in


Dr. Y.V. Jhala
Dean, Faculty of Wildlife Science
Email:  jhalay [at] wii [dot] gov [dot] in

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