International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)

International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) is a global network of 2,700 professionals from over 100 nations for advancing best practice in environmental assessment by involving practitioners, industry, and community in all stages of assessment and including ecological, social, socio-economic and ecological factors. A primary purpose of IAIA is developing international and local capacity to make wise decisions regarding the anticipation, management and planning of environmental change The organization is uniquely interdisciplinary, with members from a wide range of experience, interest areas and training: ecology/biodiversity, health, indigenous people, social issues, public participation, urban issues, environmental law, environmental management systems, economics, engineering, psychology, world trade, and political science. Members work in government, donor agencies, public and private agencies and firms, and academia. The mission of the organization is to play a lead role for advancing innovations and communication of best practices in all forms of impact assessment to further the development of local, regional and global capacities in EIA.

The two faculty members of this institute - Dr. Asha Rajvanshi and Dr. V.B. Mathur are members of this Association since 1999 when the International Cooperation Committee of IAIA and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs awarded the Capacity Building Grant and invited them to become members of this association.

The objectives of IAIA are:

  • develop approaches and practices for comprehensive and integrated impact assessment,

  • improve assessment procedures and methods for practical application,

  • promote training of impact assessment and public understanding of the field,

  • provide professional quality assurance by peer review and other means, and

  • share information networks, timely publications, and professional meetings.

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WII is actively involved in the following initiatives of IAIA:

Global initiative

Regional initiative

Capacity building through training courses

IAIA has been organising pre-meeting training courses under its CBBIA programme during IAIA's annual meetings.