Navendu Page


Navendu Page, Ph.D.
Phone: 0135-2646208
Email: navendu [at] wii [dot] gov [do


I have spent the last decade exploring and studying plants across various parts of India and primarily in the tropical forests of the Western Ghats. My Master’s dissertation focused on the responses of different plants life forms to anthropogenic fragmentation in the Kodagu district of the Western Ghats. For my PhD, I scaled up and sampled the evergreen forests across the entire Western Ghats landscape and studied the ecological drivers of latitude associated changes in species diversity, distribution and endemism of tropical woody plants.

My Research Interests

Broadly, my interests lie in the field of community ecology, biogeography, taxonomy and conservation prioritization. More specifically, I am interested in questions related to origin and maintenance of diversity at different spatial scales. This includes gaining a deeper understanding of the factors that have shaped the present day patterns in geographic ranges of plants and the role of species specific traits as well as long term and contemporary climate in shaping these patterns. I am also extremely keen on developing user friendly plant identification resources for different biomes across the Indian sub-continent.

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