M.Sc. Students Profiles - Heritage Conservation and Management


B.A. (Hons.), M.A. History (University of Delhi)

I come from Rajasthan and graduated from the University of Delhi with Bachelors in History. Learning about the various aspects of the past and working under experts in the Department of History during my Post Graduation, I came across several events which motivated me to work for the conservation of the legacy of past, environment and culture. Topics on heritage and environment history gave me a glimpse of the way in which human intervention has influenced the orientation of the world. This changed my perception and understanding. Participating in events related to conservation, seminars and conferences have always boosted me up to think more devotedly in this field. I also travelled throughout the country and explored different cultures. This gave me an opportunity to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and made me to think of the ways in which humans are losing their roots, and heritage is getting destroyed. I look forward to learning more about the conservation, methods and its application in a practical sense. Heritage walks and debates further enhanced my interest to work in a constructive manner for the protection and preservation of the rich heritage that we have. Apart from History and Heritage, my hobbies include cooking, travelling, and football.

Devashish Saurav
B.A (Hons.), M.A History (University of Delhi)

I am from Patna, Bihar. My interest and curiosity in conservation and preservation of heritage began from the time when I was in school. I completed my graduation and post-graduation from University of Delhi in History. The major motivation to work in the field of conservation of heritage came from the experiences that I gained while working with Archaeological Survey of India as an Intern. Working under the challenging conditions found in some parts of the North-East, I developed a zeal to work devotedly for systematic and scientific conservation of heritage. Being a part of the exploration of a site project in Mizoram, I came across events which changed my understanding completely. History as a subject gave me a theoretical understanding of the importance of heritage and conservation. Intense debates and casual chats in the university campus further pushed me to learn various methods and techniques of conservation. Travelling and interacting with people of different cultures is my passion. Learning languages like Spanish and Persian gave me an opportunity to understand and interconnect different cultures. I look forward to know more about heritage and work in the field of conservation.


BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering (PES College of Engineering, Mandya - An autonomous institution under Visvevaraya Technological University, Belgaum)

I was born and raised in Aizawl, a hilly city which is the capital of Mizoram in North East India. I did my Bachelor’s in Engineering from PESCE, Mandya, Karnataka during which a Facebook group called Zoram Rul Chanchin (Snakes of Mizoram) stirred my interest in Wildlife, particularly in snakes. My curiosity and interest led me to researchers working on herpetology who guided me and further instilled conservation interests in me. Prior to joining MSc, I was doing an internship with an NGO called 'Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Network (BIOCONE)' under the project 'Biodiversity and Ecosytem Services in Agrarian landscapes' and have conducted local conservation awareness campaigns. My hobbies include herping, playing football, listening to music, playing the guitar, reading novels and watching movies.


S Varsha
Bachelor of Social Work (Madras School of Social Work, Chennai)

I’m from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I’ve always liked meeting new people and exploring new cultures. I am interested in the languages and history of people. Throughout school, I took special interest in the social sciences which eventually lead me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Social Work.  Having been born and brought up in the city, my only experiences of heritage and wildlife were through the many summer holiday trips to various places across India and, of course, textbooks and the internet. It all started with a fascinating description of Golconda Fort in Class 5. I liked the place and wanted to visit it. Since then, I’ve visited many heritage sites in India and started reading about their culture and history. I’ve noticed many sites, both cultural and natural, to have been left unexplored and uncared for. So, when the Wildlife Institute of India started a course on Heritage Conservation and Management, I took the opportunity right away. I’m particularly interested in heritage research, participatory heritage conservation and transforming history education through heritage. As hobbies, I like to read and write, learn new languages, and collect caps.


J. Bhaalasaraswathi
Bachelor of Social Work (Madras School of Social Work, Chennai)

A native of the Manchester of South India (Coimbatore), a sylvan place where I started my schooling, I later moved to Bangalore, the garden city, where I completed the same. My parents’ next transfer took me to Chennai for my undergrad. Have you heard of the course mentioned above? It’s okay if you haven’t. It is something that is out of typical study areas. After completing my schooling in the bio maths group, I knew that I had to take a course that was very practical and focussed on people. Yet I was also sure that it could not be to do with the medical profession. So, I chose an undergraduate course in social work. The course with its numerous field visits and rural camps exposed me to real time scenarios at the grassroot level of the community. Now with an idea about the people, it was time for me to learn about our culture and environment, understanding society in its entirety. So here I am, starting another chapter of my life on understanding people through their culture, heritage and their surroundings (environment). Coming from a cultural capital of India, I also take special interest in the classical dance form of Tamil Nadu, Bharatanatyam and the classical instrument Veena.


Roshme Buragohain
B.Sc. in Zoology, University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya

I come from Gauhati, Assam. Assam is a land of wild forests and mighty rivers where more than 18 tribal communities coexist making it a very diverse culture. Since childhood, I have lived in different states of India due to my father’s service in the Indian Army including West Bengal, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir and various places in Northeast India. At the age of 4 when I first visited Rajasthan I saw Rajasthani women wearing their traditional dress - that beautiful and vibrant skirt which I fell in love and later came to know was called 'ghagra'. After a few days, my mother even bought me one. During holidays I went to the Junagarh Fort near Bikaner with my parents and was amazed by its beauty. When our tourist guide told stories about the fort, I was very fascinated and tried to visualise his words. And as I grew older, I visited many historical places across India and experienced many other cultures and languages. I am always curious to know about my friends who come from a different culture. Assam is also a home of rich heritage, both tangible and intangible, such as Kaziranga and Manas, Charaideo, Rong Ghar, Kareng Ghar and many more. Lack of information and knowledge have led to this heritage being ignored and there is a chance that we lose them. Losing them is losing our identity and origin, the fear of which has driven me to pursue this course. I did my Bachelor's in Zoology from USTM. My hobbies are gardening, trekking, painting, photography, and exploring new places. Apart from this, I love hanging out with my non-human friends.


Vishnu Vardhan
Bachelor’s in Agriculture, College of Agriculture V C Farm, Mandya

I was born and brought up in the land of Bahmani Sultans, Bidar. I completed my Bachelor’s in Agriculture from College of Agriculture V C Farm, Mandya, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru. My inclination towards heritage started during my childhood when I visited Bidar Fort, Golkonda Hyderabad etc. Subsequently in my under-graduation days, I visited various heritage sites in educational state and all India tours. My keen interest in history motivated me to take up a course in heritage conservation and management. The conservation of heritage sites presents immense significance to a country. No wonder that almost every country around the world is dedicated to accomplishing such an enormous task. Firstly, heritage sites reflect the anthropological, historical and cultural values of people and such reflections include human behaviour, beliefs, art as well as relations. Therefore, it is vital to conserve heritage sites and share their legacy to larger number of people. Some of the sites serve as a significant reminder of the origin or occurrence of important events of history. I want to contribute to sustainable development of heritage sites, both in present and future generations. My research interest mainly lies in the multidisciplinary field of conservation heritage sites of our India. My hobbies include trekking, travelling, reading novels, playing kho-kho, and athletics.