Habitat Ecology


Habitat ecology is a fascinating area of natural sciences that helps to advance our understanding of the interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of organisms. This knowledge is essential to refine our conservation efforts and management decisions for wildlife species and their habitats. The Department of Habitat Ecology has the specific mandate to:

  Contribute in imparting a thorough and challenging education to the students of the master’s course in wildlife science.
  Impart training on the techniques of inventorying, evaluation and monitoring of wildlife habitats in various ecosystems to forest managers.
  Develop diverse research programmes for undertaking ecological studies on threatened habitats/habitat components and their relationships with the representative faunal elements.
  Promote field conservation through the dissemination of results of research and monitoring initiatives and wildlife surveys.

Faculty members of the department pursue field research in diverse areas ranging from problem oriented approaches to applied research. Some of the key areas in which research is being conducted include
Habitat Ecology
· Ecology of endangered species of animal and plant.
· Inventorying of sensitive/threatened habitats.
· Restoration of degraded habitats.
· Ecology of invasive species and their response to various     management interventions.
· Evaluation of impacts of developmental activities on wildlife species and their habitats.

Important Ongoing Research Projects

  • Habitat ecology and conservation status of wild ungulates in northern parts of Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary in Ladakh.
  • Ecology of the leopard in Sariska Tiger Reserve.
  • Habitat EcologyMonitoring of re-introduced tigers in Sariska Tiger Reserve.
  • Ecological assessment of the timberline ecotone in the western Himalaya with special reference to climate change and anthropogenic pressures.

The members of the faculty are also actively involved in rapid surveys of rare and threatened plants, such as orchids and medicinal plants, and wildlife habitats across little known landscapes and in the long-term monitoring of habitats of threatened species. The faculty is diverse in terms of disciplines and includes individuals with expertise in plant taxonomy, forest ecology, high altitude plant ecology, animal ecology, fish ecology and environmental impact assessment.

Bupendra Singh Adhikari, Ph.D. Scientist - EBhupendra Singh Adhikari, Ph.D.
Scientist - G, Head
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J. A. Johnson, Ph.D.
Scientist -E
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Navendu Vinayak Page, Ph.D.
Scientist C
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