Content 2003-04

Contents 2003-04



4 Director's Note (43.2KB)


4 The Year at a Glance (126KB) [PDF]
4 WII - A Profile (30.3KB) [PDF]
4 Organizational Structure of WII (37.0KB) [PDF]
4 Academic Programme (151KB) [PDF]
4 Short Courses, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Meetings (288KB) [PDF]
4 Research
Completed Projects ( 167KB)
Ongoing Projects (393KB)
Projects Initiated (132KB)
4 Organization
Collaborations (97.1KB)
Services (223KB)
Teaching Inputs (79.0KB)
Facilities (142KB)
4 Welcome Guests (94.1KB) [PDF]
4 National Institute of Coastal & Marine Biodiversity (53.3KB) [PDF]
4 Perspective 2004-2005 (64.2KB) [PDF]
4 Publications (127KB) [PDF]
4 Members ( 113KB) [PDF]

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