Bhupendra Singh Adhikari, Ph.D.


Bupendra Singh Adhikari, Ph.D.Bhupendra Singh Adhikari, Ph.D.
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I have been involved in field research on phyto-diversity, community analysis and dynamics of plant communities and distribution of medicinal and aromatic plants in the western Himalaya for over 20 years. My research interests are in developing predictive models of phenology patterns and species range shifts in response to climate change phenomena. I teach courses on habitat ecology, ecosystem ecology and community ecology, and also contribute to developing the field skills of students in vegetation science. I am a life member of the Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA), Kolkata and Ecological Research Circle (ERC), Kumaun University, Nainital.


Vegetation ecology; habitat ecology; forest dynamics; climate change; rangeland ecology of the trans-Himalayan region; medicinal and aromatic plants.

Current Projects

  Structural and functional attributes of timberline ecotone forests with special reference to climate change.
  Habitat specificity of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  Productivity and carrying capacity of trans-Himalayan rangelands.

Key Publications:

Adhikari B.S, H.C. Rikhari, Y.S. Rawat & S.P. Singh (1991). High altitude forests: composition, diversity and profile structure in a part of Kumaun Himalaya.Tropical Ecology32 (1): 86-97.
Singh S.P. B.S. Adhikari & D.B. Zobel (1994). Biomass, productivity, leaf longevity and forest structure along an altitudinal gradient in the Central Himalaya.Ecological Monographs64 (4): 401-421.
PDF |   (484 KB)
Adhikari B.S. Y.S Rawat & S.P. Singh (1995a). Structure and function of high altitude forests in Central Himalaya. I. Dry Matter Dynamics.Annals of Botany75: 237-248. | PDF | (638 KB)
Adhikari B.S. Y.S Rawat & S.P. Singh (1995b). Structure and function of high altitude forests in Central Himalaya. II. Nutrient Dynamics.Annals of Botany75: 249-258. | PDF | (638 KB)
Rikhari H.C., B.S. Adhikari  & Y.S. Rawat (1997). Woody species composition of temperate forests along an elevational gradient in Indian Central Himalaya.Journal of Tropical Forest Science.10 (2): 197-211.
PDF |  (3.20 MB)
Adhikari B.S, M.M. Babu, P.L. Saklani & G.S. Rawat (2003). Medicinal Trees of Uttaranchal State: Distribution, Use Pattern and Prospects for Conservation.Indian Forester129(2): 243-267. | PDF |  (585 KB)
Rawat G.S. & B.S. Adhikari (2005).Human and livestock pressure on plant diversity in the rangelands of Changthang plateau, Ladakh, India. In: II GMBA symposium "Linking mountain diversity with fire, grazing and erosion", in La Paz, Bolivia. 201-212. | PDF |   (407 KB)
Rawat G.S. & B.S. Adhikari (2005).Floristics and Distribution of Plant Communities Across Moisture and Topographic Gradients in Tso Kar Basin, Changthang Plateau, Eastern Ladakh.Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research37 (2): 539–544. | PDF | (219 KB)
  Adhikari B. S., M.M. Babu, P.L.Saklani & G.S. Rawat(2007).Distribution, use pattern and prospects for conservation of medicinal shrubs in Uttaranchal State, India. Journal of Mountain Science 4 (2):155-180.
PDF |  (3.94 MB)
  Bharti R.R., I.D. Rai, B.S. Adhikari & G.S. Rawat (2011).Timberline change detection using topographic map and satellite imagery: a critique.Tropical Ecology52(1): 133-137.  | PDF |  (933 KB)
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