The Wildlife Institute of India Campus harbours a total of 616 plant species comprised of 58 trees, 65 shrubs (including lianas), 357 herbs and climbers (vines) including 9 species of pteridophytes, 71 grasses and 27 sedges  belonging to 107 families (99 Angiosperm and 8 Pteridophyte) with 384 genus (375 Angiosperm and 9 Pteridophyte). Of the total 616 plant species, 94% species are in wild and 6% species are planted.

Urena lobata

Baya weaver

Tricarinate hill turtle

The faunal diversity of the campus is also rich, Birds: 310 species belonging to 49 families, Amphibians: 11 species belonging to 4 families, Butterflies: 90 species belonging to 5 families, Moths: 16 species belonging to 7 families, Reptiles: 22 species belonging to 7 families, Spiders: 17 species belonging to 6 families and mammals: 17 species belonging to 14 families.

The vegetation is natural and semi-natural represented by a mosaic of natural scrub, woodland, various successional stages of Shorea robusta forest including stream bank vegetation and grassy banks. There are a total of 556 plant species comprised of 438 species of herbs and climbers including 12 species of pteridophytes, 54 species of trees, 64 species of shrubs and lianas. Angiosperms are distributed over 99 families with 368 genera.




Tufted Duck