Salvador Lyngdoh,Ph.D


Dr. Salvador Lyngdoh,
Scientist - D
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Ecological research has been one of the most satisfying experiences for me. I have been involved in using state of the art techniques in population monitoring, behavioral study and conflict studies in Western as well as Eastern India. I have been involved in ecological status surveys of large mammals of Western Arunachal Pradesh. My prior work ranges from investigation of socio-economic  drivers  of  environmental  change  to  animal  ecological  studies  in  tropical evergreen forests as well as high altitude Himalayas. My long term interests include understanding movement ecology of mammalian carnivores in Himalayan Ecosystems.


Population Estimation, Human- Wildlife Conflicts, Animal Behavior and Spatial Ecology.

Recent Publications:

  1. Hayward, M. W., Lyngdoh S, and B. Habib (2014).. Diet and prey preferences of dholes (Cuon alpinus): dietary competition within Asia's apex predator guild. Journal of Zoology 294.4 255-266.

  2. Lyngdoh S, Gopi G.V, Selvan K.M and Habib, B (2014). Losing ground for everyone: Losing ground for everyone: Effect of interactions among ethnic communities, livestock and wild dogs (Cuon alpinus) in Arunachal Pradesh, India., European Journal of Wildlife Research.   60.5 (2014): 771-780.

  3. Selvan K.M, Lyngdoh S, Gopi G.V and Habib B (2014). Population density and abundance of sympatric large carnivores in the lowland tropical evergreen forest of Indian Eastern Himalayas. Mammalian Biology: Volume 79, Issue 4, June 2014, 254–258

  4. Lyngdoh S, Shrotriya S, Hayward M.W, Clements, H, Goyal, S.P and Habib, B: Prey Preferences of the Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia): Regional Diet Specificity holds Global Significance for Conservation. Plos One 01/2014; 9(2):e88349

  5. Selvan K.M, Lyngdoh S, Gopi G.V and Habib B (2014). Population densities, group size and biomass of ungulates in a lowland tropical rainforest forest of the eastern Himalayas." Acta Ecologica Sinica 34.4 (2014): 219-224.

  6. Selvan K.M, Lyngdoh S, Gopi G.V and Habib B. An assessment of abundance, habitat use and activity patterns of three sympatric pheasants in an Eastern Himalayan Lowland tropical Forest of Arunachal Pradesh, India (2013). Asian Journal of Conservation Biology, Vol. 2 No. 1, pp. 52–60.

  7. Selvan K.M, Gopi G.V, Lyngdoh S and Habib B. (2012) Prey selection and food habits of three sympatric large carnivores in a tropical lowland forest of Eastern Himalayan Biodiversity Hotspot Mammalian Biology Volume 74, Issue 6, Pp. 425-437.

Articles/Non Scientific publications

  1.  Lyngdoh S. (2012) Wild dogs Vs People of Pakke. Hornbill. April June Issue. P 21-24.

  2.  Borah J, Sharma T, Lyngdoh S and Tapi T. (2010) First photograph of a clouded leopard at Pakke Tiger Reserve, India. Catnews Spring 52:24-25

  3.  Lyngdoh S, Selvan K.M, Gopi G.V and Habib B. (2011) First Photographic Evidences of Marbled Cat in Pakke Tiger Reserve, Western Arunachal Pradesh. Catnews 55, 17-18.

  4.  Lyngdoh S, Selvan K.M, Weli J and Hazarika M. (2011) First Sighting and Record of the Asiatic Golden Cat from Western Arunachal Pradesh, India. Catnews 54: 17-18


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