About Wildlife Institute of India

About Wildlife Institute of IndiaEstablished in 1982, Wildlife Institute of India (WII) is an internationally acclaimed Institution, which offers training program, academic courses and advisory in wildlife research and management. The Institute is actively engaged in research across the breadth of the country on biodiversity related issues.

The Institute's idyllic campus that has been carefully developed to create state of the art infrastructure encourages scholarly work.

Latest Events

Mr Paul Pearce-Kelly, Senior Curator (Invertebrates, Lower Vertebrates and Research), Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and Chair, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)/Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG) Climate Change Task Force, and Leader, Horizon Scanning for Emerging Climate Change Challenges Work Theme of the IUCN Climate Change Specialist Group, delivered a Guest Lecture on 'Urgent questions concerning climate change threat evaluation and conservation policy' on 28th October, 2014 at the Wildlife Institute of India (WII).

Mr Pearce-Kelly summarized the engagement progress to date regarding IUCN’s Climate Change Specialist Group and the CBSG/WAZA Climate Change Task Force and shared concerns regarding a serious disconnect between actual threat severity and current threat recognition and conservation policy and how this situation can be addressed. He noted that though efforts to develop robust climate change threat evaluation and conservation response policy are making encouraging progress, incorporating sufficiently realistic impact considerations remains an urgent challenge. This task could be aided by an informal collaboration of relevant specialists to help test species and ecosystem evaluation efficacy in relation to best available climate change science. He expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with WII on evaluation initiatives particularly in relation to climate change in the context of the Himalaya. The lecture concluded with a vote of thanks and presentation of a memento to the guest speaker by Dr. V.B. Mathur, Director, WII.

Every year Vigilance Awareness Week is celebrated throughout the country, wherein all the stakeholders are encouraged to fight corruption. Wildlife Institute of India (WII) marked the Vigilance Awareness Week 27 October – 1 November 2014 with the taking of a pledge on 27 October 2014 by the Institute’s staff led by Dr. P.K. Mathur, Dean, WII to eradicate corruption and remain vigilant and to work towards the growth and reputation of the Institute. (The text of the Pledge can be read at http://www.cvc.nic.in/vawp27102014.pdf ).

As part of the activities undertaken during the Vigilance Awareness Week, a seminar session on the issue of corruption was held at WII on 28 October 2014 wherein Dr. V.B. Mathur, Director, WII delivered the welcome address and the invited speaker Mrs. Vibha Puri Das, Former Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India delivered the keynote address. Dr. Mathur said that tackling corruption was a formidable task as it operated at multiple levels, assumed various forms – some implicit and some explicit. He said that WII as an academic institution was susceptible to different nuances of corruption, which could manifest in the form of plagiarism. He stressed on the need to develop and practice a ‘Zero tolerance’ towards this. He further noted that to tackle the usual forms of corruption in matters of procurement and recruitment, several concrete steps are being taken at WII. Limiting discretion, enhancing accountability and promoting transparency are well established processes to tackle corruption and all staff at WII must all work together to deal with corruption.